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We are a congregation of people who confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and who seek to serve Him as a vital part of His Body, the Church Universal. Although there are many possible aspects to this service of our Lord, as a congregation we focus our main efforts on these areas:

1)  Maintaining the Essence of the Reformed Faith By:
  • Worshipping God in the ways of traditional Reformed worship, with the goal that He is glorified in our midst.
  • Carefully adapting our ways and traditions to make them increasingly more effective in a rapidly changing world, and to bring them into greater conformity with God's Word.
  • Providing for the preaching of God's Word, so that through it:
  • Our faith will be strengthened by a solid understanding of the doctrines of the Bible and of the Reformed faith.
  • We will be aware of the practical implications of these truths in our daily living.
  • Organizing ourselves to directly and personally become ministers of God's grace and truth in this world.
  • Developing and maintaining a caring, up-building Christian fellowship which will help each of us to live out our faith effectively.

2) Passing On Our Faith To Others By:

  • Educating our children and grandchildren in Christian truths, especially through the support of Christian day schools.
  • Helping our young people take their place as full participants in our congregation's life.
  • Individually touching the lives of our unbelieving neighbors in a personal way with the love of Jesus and the truth of the gospel.

3) Participating In The Broader Work Of Our Lord In This World By:

  • Supporting the work we share with others in our denomination by contributing all that we can to the work of Classis Wisconsin and Christian Reformed Church agencies.
  • Working as much as possible with our fellow Christians locally in carrying out ministries which advance the kingdom of Christ.