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Lord Help Me To Believe
By: Merle Schouten


As I gaze down at the cattle stall

I wonder God, is this all?

You promised us a mighty king,

And all I see is this tiny thing.

Lord help me to believe


I look down at the child so small,

He really is no king at all.

He is just a carpenter’s son,

How can he be the promised One?

Lord help me to believe


I gaze up at Calvary’s Hill,

Where Christ’s body hangs so still.

Where is the king you promised us,

The one who the people made such a fuss.

Lord help me to believe


Then I gaze at the empty grave,

Then I knew I was the one he had to save.

He came to earth in that manager stall,

And then to die to save us all.

Lord help me to believe