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The younger children enjoy their time of singing before class.

4 Year Olds - 4th grade (Sunday, 10:45 A.M.)
Our primary focus is for each our children to realize that they are a child of God. The LiFE curriculum focuses on faith, is rooted in the Bible, melds biblical stories with the teachings of the Reformed tradition, and incorporates creative materials for intellectual, emotional, and spiritual training.  Teaching methods include the use of art, writing, music, drama, and other activities.

5th & 6th Grade (Sunday, 10:45 A.M.)
This 2-year curriculum, Q&A: A Summary of Biblical Teachings, summarizes the creeds and confessions of the Reformed tradition. It includes teachings from the Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, Cannons of Dort, and Our World Belongs to God: A Contemporary Testimony.

7th Grade (Sunday, 10:45 A.M.)
A.D. - A Study of Church History chronicles how Christ gathers and guides his church from Pentecost to the present.  Teens learn that Chrisitans throughout history struggled with many of the same issue we face today.

8th Grade (Sunday, 10:45 A.M.)
In Live It! - A Study of James teens learn about language and self-control, about planning for the future, and about wisely using God's gifts.

9th & 10th Grade (Sunday, 10:45 A.M.)
HC and Me - The Catechism for Christian Living leads these  high school students through the Heidelberg Catechism, making it personal and relevant to their lives. 

11th & 12th Grade (Sunday, 8:15 A.M.)
Summary of Christian Doctrine by Louis Berkhof was written in 1938!  It would seem that this is an outdated textbook that should be replaced by a newer one; however, this textbook is a concise summary of biblical doctrine.  The lessons are short and to the point.  It contains a brief but complete statement of the Bible's teaching.  Berkhof's strength is found in that all the doctrines he puts forth are founded in the Scriptures.  No doctrines are simple the work of men's minds.  This book is not only a good textbook, but also a book that should be handy in every Reformed household for quick reference.