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At First Christian Reformed Church our worship is designed to provide each worshipper an opportunity to come into the presence of our Awesome God through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Our worship is a time in which we proclaim God to be "Worthy" of our adoration and praise.  

Worship in the Reformed tradition is first of all a sacrifice of praise to God from the heart of a believer.  It includes: 
1) Our approach to God as sinners through the blood of Christ.
2) Our confession of our sin and receiving God's forgiveness.
3) Hearing God's will for our lives.
4) Hearing a message from the Word.
5) Responding to God's Word in giving our gifts and in dedicating ourselves to renewed obedience.

Our style of worship is "blended"--incorporating both traditional and contemporary.  Our worship involves several people in singing, testimony, and prayer; however, worship is not entertainment.  The purpose of involvement in the service is not to put on display the talents of any one person, but to dedicate those talents to God as a sacrifice of praise. 

 We invite anyone to join us each Sunday at 9:30 AM. A nursery is provided in the morning for infants and young children. Elevator service, hearing devices, and large-print bulletins are available for the elderly and disabled. Children ages 3-6 are invited to their own place of worship during the second half of the morning worship where they can meet together and worship God in a way that is meaningful to them. 

We know that you will be led before the face of God and hear His Word when you come to worship with us.